A brief history of the Manchester Irish Education Group Charity

The Manchester Irish Education Group (MIEG) is a charity whose aim is to promote a positive image of Ireland and the Irish in the community, schools, colleges and universities. We believe that the large Irish community in the UK should have access to their cultural background and this should be shared with others. But more than that we try to give support to people of any age who want to explore and reaffirm their Irish identity.

MIEG is run by volunteers and has no paid staff. We are not profit led and are very grateful for all the speakers and supporters who have freely given us their time and expertise. There are far too many to mention but even the speakers on the National Irish Studies Conference alone number over 150.

The Group is also very grateful to the Government of Ireland for all their support through the Emigrant Support Program for the National Irish Studies Conference and the Irish Youth Foundation (UK) towards the Manchester Children’s Irish Music festival.

MIEG committee 2018:
Catherine Feeney, Joe Flynn, Margaret Golden, Fergus O Connor, Pat Hoswell, Gerry Clarke

Achievements of the Manchester Irish Education Group
  • Established Irish study classes for adults
  • Organised Irish language classes for adults and children
  • Supported Irish cultural studies in schools
  • Provided Irish speakers to schools
  • Organised educational trips with an Irish focus
  • Assisted schools organise trips to Ireland
  • Lobbied Manchester City council to provide Irish language books in libraries
  • Ran literature and art competitions for children

  • Carried out an educational survey with Irish parents on the education of their children
  • Published and presented the results of the educational survey to the Greater Manchester Local Authorities
  • Organise the annual National Irish Studies Conference
  • Published the Irish heritage magazine
  • Key partner for the annual Manchester children’s Irish music festival
Key milestones
  • 1986 MIEG established at the Irish World Heritage Centre

  • 1988 Organised a major educational conference at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • 1989 MIEG registered as a charity in the UK Number 1000876

  • 1992 MIEG awarded the Irish Post award for community service
  • 1996 The MIEG launched the National Irish Studies Conference in Manchester
  • 2006 the MIEG started at the annual Manchester children’s Irish music festival
  • 2016 the MIEG moved to the new Irish World Heritage Centre premises.
  • 2021 Covid pandemic so the Manchester Children's Irish Music Festival and the  National Irish Studies Conference move online.
  • 2022 National Irish Studies Conference is live and streamed online. The Children's  Irish Music Festival is live with restricted numbers.
  • 2023 Normal service returns and the National Conference and Children's Music Festival are live again.
  • 2024 National Irish Studies Conference at Irish World Heritage Centre Manchester and Manchester Children's Irish Music Festival as part of the Irish Festival.